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A Best Tale Of Love - Poem by mark anthony st. rose

As the Infinite sleeps within the Infinite,
eternal dreams all that there are,
dream bodies all that there be,
and roaming spirits all that they possess.
there love blossoms in the silence of dreams,
and there love lingers in time's unreleased hours,
finding lost caverns in vast unborn of souls,
revealing deep passions and raptures and joy,
spiraling ever more into dreams unknown,
like a journey with a fathomless end.
An abyss found beyond eyes and in hearts,
stars somehow imagined in a starless night,
as an ever immaterial fire burns in immaterial depths,
like the rays of the sun not seen but felt,
like the colours of the rainbow known but yet to be imagined.
These were the dreams, the love of the spirits;
this was the dance, the beginning, the union;
the spark from which would arise all sparks.
The birth of a mind preceding body,
the birth of a love preceding hearts;
a miracle born in the timeless of worlds,
as if to sing and speak of the Ineffable.
It adds an aim to the caprice;
an unfolding purpose to Infinite's art,
it's like the void somehow sees and feels,
it paints its picture with dream lines and dreambrushes,
like a magician with the wand of existence.
It knows of its namelessness yet creates a name,
it knows of its boundless yet creates a bound
to live an act of love and desire,
to risk the pains and apparent death
on a cryptic transient plane.
And like a red rose ephemeral
whose beauty graces only for a short while,
yet still dances at the Sun's blossom,
as if blinded to its mortality,
as if to say now is all there is,
and now will always be.
Inexorable love's power then becomes,
a force and a glory magnificent,
like an attraction in a vast magnetic field,
unstoppable, that ever joins the two into one. be continued

copyright@20 09 by Mark Anthony St. Rose. All rights reserved.

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