A Bridal Song Poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley

A Bridal Song

Rating: 2.7

The golden gates of Sleep unbar
Where Strength and Beauty, met together,
Kindle their image like a star
In a sea of glassy weather!
Night, with all thy stars look down,--
Darkness, weep thy holiest dew,--
Never smiled the inconstant moon
On a pair so true.
Let eyes not see their own delight;--
Haste, swift Hour, and thy flight
Oft renew.

Fairies, sprites, and angels, keep her!
Holy stars, permit no wrong!
And return to wake the sleeper,
Dawn,—ere it be long!
O joy! O fear! what will be done
In the absence of the sun!
Come along!

B. Laxmi Priya 17 July 2013

Captivating imagery and flowing words. Masterful composition.

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Sagnik Chakraborty 17 February 2015

Shelley makes the sheer joy of love come alive with the vibrancy of his lightning words! PBS lives!

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Leslie Sharp 19 October 2014

This poem took my breath away! I couldn't even begin to tell the public what it meant me. The closest I will be able to muster up is pure love in the raw. Cupid arrow from the heaven itself.

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Akhtar Jawad 22 May 2014

Another great poem from my beloved poet.

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great imagination from the great poet. beautiful.

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Captain Herbert Poetry 25 April 2014

Words alone makes the poem like a song even with instruments. So pure! !

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Percy Bysshe Shelley

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