Francis Duggan

A Brown Butterfly - Poem by Francis Duggan

Brown wings with dark spots and dark freckles a short life it only enjoy
Four days to it will be a long span such is the life of a brown butterfly
But is our life to it that much different since the Reaper awaits you and I
We come to life inside a woman we are born and we age and we die.

A butterfly grows from an ugly caterpillar into such a beautiful thing
And it flies around trees in the sunlight where wildborn birds whistle and sing
In a few days 'twill return to Nature and amongst Nature's bosom it's tiny remains will decay
All things of life born with a time span whether it be for a century or a day.

Such beauty to captivate an artist or to inspire a poet for to rhyme
A brown butterfly in the garden on a sunlit day in Summer time
It dies in it's full bloom of beauty it's wings don't grow withered and gray
It mates and lay eggs in it's short life and it lives and dies by Nature's way.

A brown butterfly in the garden the birds pipe on the sunlit trees
On a beautiful day in the Summer with a cool freshness in the mild breeze
Such moments give us years of pleasure and in years from now I will retain
The memory of this great beauty that until death with me will remain.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 29, 2008

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