The Sound Of Laughter Poem by Francis Duggan

The Sound Of Laughter

Rating: 4.2

The sound of laughter is a thing of beauty for laughter spreads the very gift of joy
That people they are drawn to happy people is not that hard for to understand why
Since everybody wishes to be happy and laughter it spreads happiness around
And only the heartless could not like the sound of laughter for laughter is a very happy sound,
Than laughter there is no more happy feeling laugh and the World laughs with you seems so true
But if you feel sad and for yourself feeling sorry the saddest person in the World is you
Even your friends would rather not be with you if they see you as one who worship gloom
The happy people attract people to them and in their presence happiness does bloom,
The sound of laughter sends out laughter ripples it is a sound one always loves to hear
And laughter it gives rise to smiling faces and never fails to fill the cup of cheer
The sad one who feels comfort in self pity is the one others do not wish to know
But if you are one who laughs away your worries your friends in numbers seem to grow and grow
And who could not but love the sound of laughter to it there always is a joyful ring
It seems to send happiness out in ripples it is a joyful and infectious thing.

Marsha Mae Cagampang 03 April 2010

Wow.. This is really GOOD!

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Heather Wilkins 12 July 2014

laughter brings people to you joy and happiness is like the new dawn, lovely

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Patricia Grantham 03 October 2014

This is a joyous poem that is full of laughter. Laughter is a good thing for it freshens the mind and relieves stress. Also it helps in healing the body. Ha, ha, ha I love it.

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Ramesh Rai 27 October 2014

Laughter makes the longevity of life. A beautiful poem

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Jitesh Shah 06 April 2015

very good poem sir i like it and also read my poem

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Emma Duval 17 February 2023're better than me! ; -;

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Stan Rodriguez 19 May 2018

The idea of laughter in your poem is great…but you need to work a little on the structure of the poem. Overall I enjoyed it.

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Jeanette Telusma 01 May 2017

The happy people attract people to them and in their presence happiness does bloom.. so true.

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Sylvaonyema Uba 18 February 2017

Indeed, laughter is a good thing. It is healthy to laugh and laughter is contagious. Nice poem! Sylva

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Richard Wlodarski 31 January 2017

As I was reading your poem, I was smiling. And as I read your lines about the sad people, a twinge of sadness befell me. And then I thought about Norman Cousins who literally laughed in the face of death. And then I downloaded some Marx Bros. movies and Candid Camera episodes, and literally exploded with laughter. Francis, thank you for this very cheerful poem!

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