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I am a retired school-teacher. Email me if you want my address. My poems are rather gritty for the most part, because my life has been rather gritty.
I am a member of the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. 'God' is not one of my priorities, and we are in constant confrontation. I became interested in writing poetry in September 2007, so I would not climb the walls, because I had nothing else to do when I began.
Writing poetry is the best excuse for wasting time that I can think of. I can wool-gather and sit for hours, because I am 'creating'; at least that's what my wife thinks. So I have no guilt about what I am doing.
I save my cutenes, such as it is, for my poetry.

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A Thought On Thought

I think that all higher animals - primates, mammalian and ornithic pets, etc. 'think' to a certain extent.

Why do I think?
There is no alternative.
I am condemned to think,
To be obsessed with thinking—
But so is my dog.

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Kimberly Alford 22 May 2008

your a great person and ur poems are kinda weird but some are cool

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Kimberly Alford 22 May 2008

a The Music: i like this one because i love to listen to music

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Kimberly Alford 22 May 2008

You Did a good job on ur poems but u should talk more about u how u feel inside but i like the

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Effie Yalena Steyn 10 December 2007

Hi Fred, No, I wasnt in Iraq, but I have spent some time in Darfur and Zimababwe on my travels. The poem was inspired by my cousin who was an ATF agent in America till his shooting earlier this year, he taught me so much about combat like that. Thanks for your comment, your stuff is amazing too, I am slowly reading through it! Effie

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