A Covid Plastic Pandemic Poem by Sylvia Chidi

A Covid Plastic Pandemic

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There is an abundant paste
Of Covid plastic waste
Lurking everywhere, here and there

On the beach
On the land
In the sand
Covid plastic is becoming rich
Does it protect or pollute which is which?

Covid is baking a plastic pandemic
You see I am no academic
But here dances a systematic epidermic
Walking in the dark is the trillion number arithmetic
Global plastic pollution is simply pathetic

I don't want to be a plastic hysteric
Therefore, I will write in order like the alphabetics
Let's praise the good work of the paramedics
But Covid plastic is competing with plastic Cosmetics
I say so if I am to be honoured as poetic
Covid plastic is everywhere almost as if its magnetic
Our streets, beaches and ocean are cooking a plastic paste
Now they are hit by a tidal wave of COVID-19 waste

Covid plastic is clogging our land
Covid plastic is floating in our seas
Tons of plastic wastes from food deliveries
Each day we consume Covid plastic
More than we consume antibiotics
1 billion plastic face masks
1 billion plastic gloves,
1 billion plastic hand sanitizer bottles
1 billion plastic food packaging
1 billion plastic syringes
1 billion plastic medical clothing
1 billion plastic testkits
1 billion plastic packaging
1 billion single-use plastic food containers

So many plastic coats
In the sea islands of plastic float
And the skin of the ocean
Is pierced by Covid plastic
There is a continent of plastic as big as France
Called the great Pacific Garbage Patch
It has been nicked named the Pacific trash vortex
Running from the West Coast of North America to Japan
Unrecycled plastic should be globally banned

David Wood 30 December 2021

You are absolutely right, Covid waste everywhere blowing in the wind.

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