A Child Of Zero And Six Poem by Myrtle Thomas

A Child Of Zero And Six

Rating: 2.7

A Child Of Zero And Six

When a child of zero and six
in fairyland I danced upon flowers
of lavender and daisy
as I pressed four leaf clover
to my breast
tip toe ballerina with pansies in my hair
to the tunes in my head, for music was in the air

clouds leaped with laughter to see the very sight
awaiting the change to fireflies in the night
running as free as butterflies fly from flower to flower
playful days and nights, a princess if for only that hour

yes! flowers were my foot stool
in that day and time
words were easily spoken in rhythm
and rhyme
thoughts and dreams, more than an idea upon my head
and only rest and sleep were all a child did dread

sleep found new ways to be a woodland Queen
with characters from Alice in Wonderland, filling the scene
off into another world that was my very own
in the tiny place of my dreams, i was never alone

garden sights to this day are a warming thought
of a time in my life, that can never be sold nor bought
rose scents delicious as I recall mother roses when at six, I ate
time has been an enemy, for I've walked through childhood's mystical gate.

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