George Hunter

A Close Encounter - Poem by George Hunter

Last night I looked out the window
The air was exceedingly fair
I saw a humungous saucer
Silently hovering there.
It was 80-feet long and about 20 high
And its color matched the blue of the sky.
This must be one of those UFO's I've read about
And I didn't know whether to scream or to shout.
But I kept my cool as I examined it closely
Seemed made of some exotic metal, mostly.
It apparently had no windows or doors
And I crept around it on all fours.
A creature emerged, right through the shell
And said to me, "Earthling, I wish you well."
He had a big head and was skinny and grey
His eyes wrapped around his head halfway.
He had great big feet and pincers for hands
And his body was clothed in golden bands.
He didn't speak English but I read his mind
And I could tell that he was kind.
He said, "We're not here to do you harm"
And he took out a device and he branded my arm.
Then he disappeared back into that thing
And I couldn't stop my shivering.
The disc took off at the speed of sound
And left a burnt circle upon the ground.
I looked at my arm later while having a beer
And it said in big letters "KILROY WAS HERE."
Well that did it, I didn't know just what to think
On the way to the police station, I stopped by my Shrink.


I asked, Oh what is your verdict, O Mighty Shrink
Tell me honestly just what you think.
Well, just to keep you from hurting yourself
We're going to have to put you on the shelf.
We'll store you for awhile in the No.8 section
Only just for your very own protection.
Regardless of the proof branded on your arm
We're locking you up so you do no harm
So if you see UFO's, keep your big mouth shut
Or the authorities will think that you're a nut.
And cover up the story so it won't be heard
‘Cause the whole damn thing is too absurd.

Topic(s) of this poem: Humor

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