George Hunter

George Hunter Poems

1. Hair Impaired 2/22/2009
2. The Storm 2/23/2009
3. Rhyme 19 2/26/2009
4. Let Lying Dogs Sleep 3/3/2009
5. Obese Man 3/5/2009
6. Do The Math 3/17/2009
7. The Critic 3/21/2009
8. Rejected 3/23/2009
9. Georgie's Revenge 3/27/2009
10. Man From Galilee 3/30/2009
11. Joe 4/2/2009
12. Busted Flat 4/2/2009
13. Cold Then Hot 4/3/2009
14. Things Change 4/4/2009
15. Bosco 4/4/2009
16. Old-Fashioned Girl With Rose 4/5/2009
17. The Butterfly Tattoo 4/5/2009
18. Duality 4/6/2009
19. My Guardian Angel 4/7/2009
20. Snake Charmer 4/7/2009
21. Writer's Block 4/10/2009
22. The Girl From Bahrain 4/13/2009
23. The Waitress From Brest 4/13/2009
24. An Old Adage 4/13/2009
25. Black Cat 4/13/2009
26. Old 4/11/2009
27. The Tourist 4/11/2009
28. Free Verse Vs Rhyme 4/16/2009
29. Lady With Rose No.2 4/18/2009
30. Lady With Rose 4/18/2009
31. Standing Here Nude 4/18/2009
32. Who To Choose? 4/18/2009
33. Tangled Hair 4/23/2009
34. Printer Woes 4/23/2009
35. A Real Comedown 4/24/2009
36. Inventor 4/25/2009
37. A Young Miss From Toronto 4/22/2009
38. A Young Girl From Butte 4/22/2009
39. An Adept Pupil 4/25/2009
40. Driving Practice 4/26/2009

Comments about George Hunter

  • Katinka Havermans Katinka Havermans (4/1/2012 4:49:00 AM)

    Hello George, thanks for your comment on my poem. I love yours too. I'm reading on Poemhunter a long time but only since yesterday I had the courage to place my poems here. The only problem is: The placing of comments. I guess I'm doing something not right. Hope this one will stick. :)

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  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (11/17/2011 3:00:00 AM)

    respected sir,
    i liked your poem. i like to request you to please spare your valuable time and comment on my poems. it shall be too much valuable for me. with kind regards.

  • Vicky Ring (6/12/2009 11:43:00 AM)

    Hi George, I have only been on Poemhunter since yesterday. I really enjoyed reading the Black Widow. I do understand there is alot of women out there like that. But I just got a divorce from a man who whined and acted just like that...all he wanted was my money and I want this and I want that. I never got anything from him it was me serving him like an old maid.

Best Poem of George Hunter

Six Weather Haiku

A beautiful day
Sun’s shining, birds are singing
God’s in his heaven.

Pouring rain today
A good thing to wash away
The sins of the world.

It’s snowing outside
Little white flakes floating down
Blanketing the world.

Snow falling on me
Anesthetizing my pain
Pristine flakes from sky.

High winds are blowing
Papers swirling down the road
Hold onto your hat.

Very dark tonight
It’s the story of my life
There’s no moon at all.

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The Storm

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, just before the rains,
Why would a person live here if they had an ounce of brains?
It's so hot and muggy in the good ole summertimes
And the natives all appear to have come from different climes.
Katrina just missed me but we got a good douse
And Gustave was worse and blew the shingles off the house.
Electricity was off but I thought I had a pass
Until my standby unit went and used up all my gas.
Have to stock more fuel before the next big blow

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