A Day At The Beach Poem by George Hunter

A Day At The Beach

Rating: 5.0

One summer's day, with nothing better to do,
I went to the beach to enjoy the view.
Lots of cute babes lying around in the sand
Trying their best to improve their tan.
Others strutting around, showing off their stuff
With swimwear so small, almost in the buff.

One gal, probably from Bimini
Wore a very teeny, weeny Bikini,
Very daring, three slices of zucchini.
Her costume was so very spare
Almost like it wasn't there.

Another beauty, this one from New York
Wore only two Band-Aids and a cork.
Very innovative, I'll have to say
Anyway, it really made my day.

Even if you're almost over the hill
Your inner passions are with you still.
I find great pleasure just being a fan
Even if they call me a dirty old man.

I really did enjoy my day
And for tomorrow—?
It's the topless beach down the way!

Cindy Kreiner Sera 20 April 2009

Well done why not? will you be uploading that? Had a good giggle, I like a bit of happy injected into my day Thank you.... Enjoy this coming summer- Cindy

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 04 August 2009

Outrageously funny all the way but cleverly and creatively written. Great write! ! ! !

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Sally Carter 27 June 2009

My husband is so not interested in poetry - but I think even he will appreciate this one! I love rhyme as well. Another of my addictions (all fairly harmless I hasten to add) .

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Angelic Warrior 23 June 2009

well arn't those lovely bathing suits...lol....its their fault if they call you a creepy old man...they need to put clothes on.....but you enjoyed it...idk...nice

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. . 29 May 2009

I could not stifle the laugh out loud. Thank you so much for this little treasure!

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Pandian Angelina 26 April 2009

Your Rhymes remind me of Georgie Podgie - You make me, No, everyone have a good laugh. I really feel very much that I am not good at makingup rhymes! A jolly nice poem.

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