A Coin Poem by Carl Sandburg

A Coin

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Your western heads here cast on money,
You are the two that fade away together,
Partners in the mist.

Lunging buffalo shoulder,
Lean Indian face,
We who come after where you are gone
Salute your forms on the new nickel.

You are
To us:
The past.

On the prairie:

Nastasimir Franovic 24 March 2023

Poem is a salute and honor to the masters of the prairie

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Michael Walker 01 October 2019

The buffalo and an Indian were on reverse sides of the new nickel, representing the past. What a coin. Good-bye.

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luis gonzalez 17 November 2017

I dont get the idea of what he is saying

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Barry 14 July 2021

Luis, to me he is mourning the disappearance of the Bison and the Native Americans. I've often thought that American men could be divided into two groups; those that killed the Bison and those that did not. I know who the buffalo hunters would have voted for.

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Fabrizio Frosini 29 May 2016

is it, maybe, the famous Indian Head penny? Indian Head pennies were made from 1859 to 1909.. right? ?

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Mary Gordley 13 March 2007

don't look now, but the buffalo is back

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Barry 14 July 2021

Hardly...There are poems written about thousands of Bison carcasses laying in the sun rotting after being scalped for their hides, and the filthy men that did the work. One of America's saddest chapters and a powerful indictment of capitalism at it's worst.

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