A Confession Of Love

When I get up early and when I go to bed
You're always on my mind, forever in my head.
Are you aware of the way I feel?
Have you taken any notice of the things I've said?
It's only when I'm with you that I feel real,
Without you life is meaningless, and I may as well be dead!
You thought that I'd get over you, but instead
I'm more and more entangled in your charms,
If you only knew how I feel and how my heart has bled
You'd understand why I long to hold you in my arms!
i hardly dare mention this to you,
Perhaps you don't believe me, perhaps you always knew,
Perhaps my words are just a waste of breath,
Each noght without you is like a little death,
Forgive me for my crazy state of mind,
If you leave me now I may as well go blind,
Don't take offence, and please don't be annoyed,
A life without you is my happiness destroyed.

David Mclansky 28 July 2013

When I wake in the morning And see that you are gone I don’t get in a panic I don’t feel wild alarm; I grab my downy cover A pull it to my chin It’s so delightful to discover That you’ve come and gone and been.

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