Ozer Khalid

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A Conjugal Curse - Poem by Ozer Khalid

She craves but to savor a tender lovers` kiss,
and sense the rush of rapture it could bring;
Masked behind the cloak of marital bliss
Unfettered fervor latent lay below a wedding ring.

After the dowry came a deluge of deepening disturb
In-laws enter with contrived smiles ready to unfold
Her starving heart’s feelings she can never curb
Her frozen gaze reveals a million truths untold

Her ravenous eyes are famished
The honeymoon has vanished
A thorny contract for life of ill-design
From whose fate she cannot resign

Her yearning lips and a throbbing heart need ignition
Ill-begotten in-laws perform a fake rendition
From fiery claws a smoke is bellowing
If only she could get rid of them with a magic spell
Existence’s affliction may become a bearable living hell

Eyes utter the words that her husband is blinded to tell
A suppressed mind conceals what the spirit knows too well
Smiles on her lips disperse the glower of a heart’s desire
Laughter on the lips spread the tears that eyes conspire

Oh, chaste wither away! And set her lust free-
held incarcerated, long ago a romance ceased to be
to whisper a hymn of infidelity,

Making love to another spiced her spirit, tickled her soul
Veiled passions, secreted attractions taking on their toll
A forbidden conjugal intrusion
Vows from an altar mere rhetorical illusion
Yesterday’s torment of a paranoid delusion

Till death do us part, for better or for worse?
Ringing hollow promises echoing a nuptial curse
He brings home the living. He controls the purse
Alone, this naked jewel shivering of cold
No one to have. No one to hold.

Woman might be fickle; yes this is true
she`ll eavesdropp on her heart to justify
the lusting for a flame to flicker anew
of a poignant passion she can`t deny.

Vows have anchored and subjugated many stormy seas,
She`d steer them all away for feelings just like these.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 8, 2006

Poem Edited: Monday, July 12, 2010

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