A Corrupted Society Poem by Hades Pandemonium

A Corrupted Society

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It's a cruel world we live in, hypocrisy and deceit,
All that is pure has gone in a swirl of hatred.
The depraved society, in which we are going under with our heads in.
We have never even endeavoured to open our eyes
And see the big picture.
Our minds are completely taken over
by what we call the etiquette of life.
Orthodox ways of living I abhor,
But what I loathe the most is the falsity;
People, who tell you words of flattery
And disguise their eyes behind broad, fake smiles,
While smiles are replaced with sneers
The minute you turn around...
The riches these people live for,
The life they've always craved for,
Is just as empty and unreal, as the belief that they are superior.
In fact, they are ruled by their inferiors, all the mortals who care
For inner riches and not material wealth: the very root of evil's vines.

Ashraful Musaddeq 11 September 2008

Bravo. Thanks for this nice piece.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 29 August 2008

Friend, I fully share your views...you told them so well. please read my poems HOPELESS PINES, MAN ON STREET etc. I think we can always share/exchange our views sathya narayana

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Sidi Mahtrow 25 August 2008

So much is wrong today Captured in the words you say, But, there is also a thought to embrace As the daily grist mill we all must face. The sun continues to rise each and every morn And as a new day is born, Such it is that opportunities unfold For those that seek to be bold. Taking advantage of the gaps That are between the traps And walking carefully toward Mental and financial award(s) . How else do you explain The 'new' inventions about which you complain. Turn off your ipod and cell phone Walk, instead of ride if you are prone. Then enjoy the substance of the day That's what makes this a great place in which to stay! s

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