Hades Pandemonium Poems

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A Corrupted Society

It's a cruel world we live in, hypocrisy and deceit,
All that is pure has gone in a swirl of hatred.
The depraved society, in which we are going under with our heads in.
We have never even endeavoured to open our eyes

Stone Angel

If an angel's made of stone
Doesn't mean her heart is too.
She sits so utterly alone
Upon a dilapidated tomb.

A Dream

I dream of things I'm not quite sure of
On long midsummer nights,
The luminescent moon will shine
With stars embedded in the sky.

A Broken Vow

It's useless trying to forget, what hasn't happened yet.
When you know that you're completely alone,
Even your shadow has left you,
The sun has betrayed you when the day turned to night,

Unfound Answer

I live for tomorrow
For yesterday night,
Believing that sorrow
Will banish the light.

Solitary Moments

It's hard to forgive,
It's hard to forget.
This waiting is endless
I'm a marionette.

A Mournful Morning

One mournful morning I awoke,
With a tear below my eye,
Just outside, the rain was pouring
To lament the last day of my life.

Last Breath Of Melancholy

With memories of the fallen
We acknowledge those paths that will never be crossed
The grief within blackens in time
Tears are no longer our consolation

His Infernal Majesty

He sits upon his deadly throne,
Dramatic movement of his brow,
Majestic manner in his tone.

Dark Serenity

Summer's sun burns winter's grace
Coming in from bitter nothing.
All that happiness embraced
Swallows the surrounding.

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