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A Country Road

Rating: 4.9

The tree lined country road barely has two lanes
The serene path narrows and dips straight ahead
Inviting everyone with a silence that has no name
Captivated by nature’s beauty… my inner spirit is led

Sunbeams filters through branches that are interlocked
The glorious canopy spills patches of light on gravel
A breeze flutters through lush leaves… heat is blocked
Carefree visitors are protected as they leisurely travel

The peaceful scene is one that will forever remain
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Siddharth Singh 19 November 2009

Reminds me of a similar location i often travel and let my eyes capture the similar breathtaking view, even i couldn't help writing on it. Lovely piece.

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Sandra Fowler 11 September 2008

Very nostalgic. I love country roads. Indeed, I have lived near one for all of my seventy-one years. Ten from me. Warm regards, Sandra

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Ron Flowers 29 August 2008

Now there's a poem I can relate to. Well done Theresa. Ron

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Who Iam 24 June 2008

Amazing how things have changed over the years.How a narrow tree covered country road can bring back so many memories.We still find them if we but get out off the fast lane and slow down while on an 'off road'.They certainly help clear my mind at times. Well done, and thanks for renewing a fond memory!

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Broken Peaces 15 June 2008

Yes the roads are like that here so peaceful, where we all want to be Love Chris 10

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