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Wordless World

Rating: 5.0

Providing my two very fluent grandchildren
A means of sending thoughts… a beneficial perk
Increasing accessibility to friends and getting help
Able to join the circle of a communicating network

Hasty disclosures have invited unwelcome splashes
Echoing into the still waters of porcelain white worlds
Saturated communicators were halfheartedly retrieved
Sad rescues were completed… before flushing swirls

These unlikely occurrences have come to light
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Chitra - 24 June 2008

wonderful peom a lot of profoundity embedded within

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James B. Earley 20 June 2008

Ah for the good old days of tin cans and string! Excellent.

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Rekha Mandagere 06 July 2011

It is really touching. Sweet words are disappearing and giving way to devices.Thought provoking poem.

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Nikunj Sharma 10 August 2009

sometimes u know the probability still you stay the course for the sparkle of the eye is more precious than the demise Nice poem.............. liked it

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 23 January 2009

A dilemma of modern communication networks.... Well written......10/10. Regards Naseer

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Vinod Kumar 10 January 2009

A good experimental work, about the dying world, Thanks for sharing,10.

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Teresa Dearing 24 June 2008

Cute, we have a friend who dunked his in coffee and I happened to be at the phone store when a man came in and reported his wife's went swimming in the loo, of course 'being me' there was an obvious question....but my husband was there and I refrained from asking it. T

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