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I had a vision or was it a dream…
In meditation I was completely immersed
I saw an image flying in a darkened sky
Its fiery wings spanned the universe

Feeling full of immeasurable dreams
Desiring to burst forth with unfolding hues
Opening with the natural ease of a sigh
Blessed with a spattering of morning dew

After thirty years the day of decision has come
It is time to consider quitting and reducing stress
You fear you will be bored and have the doldrums
Time to slow the rapid pace and go out for recess.

A Dog Tale

My little dog has a doughnut tail
It wraps around in a perfect circle...

All the time in the world
Can never be as precious
As the years your child grows
It is a luxury of the ambitious

The gray cloudless sky is strangely silent
As my skeletal arms reach toward heaven
Within my frame of time thoughts are absent
Suddenly, from nowhere there is an ascension

It is said that a four leafed clover
Brings good luck to those that find
In the middle summer I looked all over
For a magic leaf of four… a rare kind

Time is of the essence.
It is full of many presents.
Some blow up in our faces.
Others give loving embraces.

A long breath of accumulated years
Has sustain each day as lives veered
Taking pathways to the unforeseen
Following fragrant flowering dreams

Providing my two very fluent grandchildren
A means of sending thoughts… a beneficial perk
Increasing accessibility to friends and getting help
Able to join the circle of a communicating network

The influence of video games is immense.
Many are designed for escalating defense.
With a goal in mind to win at all expense.
Plan to outwit and subdue with an offense.

As the chill of the winter season begins to knock
Daylight Savings Time tumbles back on the clock
Replacing sunlit hours of the day are colorful lights
Christmas music fills department stores overnight

The tree lined country road barely has two lanes
The serene path narrows and dips straight ahead
Inviting everyone with a silence that has no name
Captivated by nature’s beauty… my inner spirit is led

Vacant hours increase with excuses
You have so much to do; that’s what you say…
Can’t spare any length of time like you use to do
What’s the inspiration for your new cologne spray?

The eye of a needle is very small indeed
It has a stubborn wink that defies concentration
The seamstress is on a mission of completion
At last the thread gains passage…congratulations

I have a friend I have never met,
Our words appear on the Internet…
We both love to write poetry.
Our lives have a unique symmetry.

A balloon slowly descended toward the ground.
Before touching down, its string tangled around.

Travel to the rocky coast of the Pacific,
To a small village by the redwood trees.
Feel the ocean mist from a bluff; it’s terrific.
Visitors come to enjoy the calming breeze.

It is a position that continuously tugs and pulls
A predicament that renders a destination boundless
Between sunrise and the time diminishing hopes fall
A middle child seeks identity in a world that is groundless

A faint breeze stirs
As the storm approaches
An inner flame is sheltered
Behind reassuring walls

Theresa Ann Moore Biography

I love to express myself through poetry. I enjoy reading the poems of talented poets. My favorite poet is Ogden Nash. A Definition of 'Me' There is more than one label that defines me. There are many characteristics you cannot see. Reduced to elements, I’m worth only a few cents. A concoction bearing my name has no pretense… As a contestant, I competed with various contenders. As a friend, I am a supporter and a caring ear lender. As a column of strength, I try not to become hollow. As an educator, I try set a good example to follow. I am a kite waiting for a gentle breeze, so I may climb. I am a custodian who sweeps away the sands of time. I am a young child who resides in a body of maturity. I accomplish, but still need a soft blanket for security. I am always in transition, sometimes without realizing… Each day brings a new avenue with thoughts visualizing. I am a person with characteristics that tend to rearrange. To define me you would have to include: subject to change…)

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I had a vision or was it a dream…
In meditation I was completely immersed
I saw an image flying in a darkened sky
Its fiery wings spanned the universe
It was carrying someone, I think it was me

Wings of strength glided and soared
Gleaming feathered arms guided the trek
Stemming from a weightless scaled body
Was a sleek extended headless neck…
Or so it appeared, in the rapid blue blur

With wits barely clinging, I opened my eyes
I checked my pulse and expanded my chest
Just what was it that I had just seen?
My interpretation as a witness, I could not attest
I am a delusional wide-eyed expert in a maze

As I pondered, this is what I got…
The reason for happenings are not always shown
Apparent forces intervene and take charge
Lifting with radar sensors to the unknown
Cloaked in mystery; protecting my wellbeing

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Nitin Suresh 12 June 2007

The poem on rendezvous with a stranger reflects of incidents thatv keeps happening in our lives..strangers touch us in so many special ways and completely unsought leave a indelible impression and stuff of poems like this

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Theresa is a huge asset to Poemhunter. For whatever frame of mind one wishes to enhance or induce, she has the perfectly poised poetic piece. Always thoughtful, always intelligent, always masterful in her penning. Read her. t x

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