A Day Is Made At Sunrise Poem by Rightly Considered

A Day Is Made At Sunrise

I did not see the Smith,

But His forge would not be missed

As the light of day He lifted

And the sky with searing colors hissed

The glowing sun was scattered

Like red-orange coals in His forge

Upon the hearth they brightened

Over the earth and heaven gorge

No sound was heard of metal ringing

As this day was made,

For the forging done was heavenly

And the metal, willing clay

As the furnace slowly cooled

The sky grew gently bright

The fiery coals of heaven,

Now clouds of purest white

I looked hard to see the hand

That wrought this day of worth

The happy one who forged this Land

But never found His Mirth

So I walked on into the day

To gather all the wonder made,

And like all other days, I knew,

This one would soon, find its shade

The day now closing as He lowered

His light back to earth

The sky turns from white to gold

As He ignites the evening Hearth

His work, His day, He melts away

And cools it through the night,

So all the tensions in the steel

With rest, He sets aright

I’m still in awe at this furnace in the sky,

And what the coals were first fired by?

And how was all this done

Then from heart came soulish whisper

“It was lighted by the Son”

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