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Men for ages
would receive me every spring
My fertile touch would be embraced
And cause their land to bring

From Dust to Dust
Some do say
But what of all the joyful play?

With courageous smile
And hopeful heart
You walked steady
Down the aisle

God seeking His Glory to display
Plucked from the earth a crooked stray
And held him up among a mocking brood
Who said “from him comes nothing good”

In the hours of the morning
the scribes had found a way
in the dense forest of the law
a lethal trap they lay

Wake the morning
Search for God
Striving, pleading
Heart Facade

Sunlight eagerly stretches in the window

With curtains drawn

I did not see the Smith,

But His forge would not be missed

A great mother who can find?
Life is her profession
Her hands more healing than wine
She suffers long, and is kind.

To see the shore through blinding fog,

The summer fruit through wintry bog,

Seeing autumn leaves, falling from the trees

The loss so great! ... my heart it faintly pleads


Two Oak trees have grown well

In a wheat field forgotten now

Christ prowls around like a roaring lion,
seeking someone to empower.

This morning, weak in my soul
Wondering why I had no strength

A moments pause last night
Amidst the current story’s penning
Turned long and into slumber
My head went gently spinning

Exhausted from the pains of sin
Air, with effort, and precious,
Methodically taken in
Along the final road, they begin

With a million raindrops He drums a liquid rhythm on everything in sight,
And claps His hands of Thunder for a glimpse of heavens light.


Over the face of the waters he hovered
And descended like a dove
Now at the Son's command
He's hidden in us by love

I watched you today
As you twirled, graceful
through your path
floating on the wind

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I Am The Mississippi

Men for ages
would receive me every spring
My fertile touch would be embraced
And cause their land to bring
A year of food the table laced
And cause their soul to sing
I am the Mississippi

Now I find these earthen gates
hold me back from you
I must complete what He dictates
To “make all things new”
I am the Mississippi

Once more I’ll give the riches
That root in poverty
I’ll wash away the choking vine
And replace the bread with wine
I am the Mississippi

Soon He’ll come to make the world anew
No longer will I wash the banks, with this Golden hue
For then I’ll flow up to a horse’s head
And my waves... will splash with red…
I am the Mississippi

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