Strong Grace Poem by Rightly Considered

Strong Grace

Rating: 5.0

God seeking His Glory to display
Plucked from the earth a crooked stray
And held him up among a mocking brood
Who said “from him comes nothing good”
“Nay, I will, from this Lad,
bring Joy and smiles, overcome the bad”

How can God remake a lad?
Or bring forth good from what is bad?
His debt be cleared at Calvary
His sins hung upon the tree
But the flesh still remains
God cannot touch such stains

On the lad I will never lay a hand
For this I have prepared her and
By her my work will be done
Till through the Lad they see my Son

For she descends from a great line
Of favored women all of which are mine
Rebekah, Esther, and Moses’s wife
Who saw a sin and took the knife

You my girl are God’s gift
From cold and lonely you did lift
Me up and take me to a place
Of peace and warmth and grace

No doubt God reigns on high
And every place to Him is nigh
But surely it has pleased him much
To use a woman, a man to touch
For the herald of ‘Peace on earth’
Came by Christ, whom Mary birthed
An echo till the end of Earth we’ll see
The birth of Christ through women be

On Godly wine and love I sup
For each day He fills my cup
But all the world will never see nor knows
The clay through which the fountain flows
Where Joy from God is distilled
The jar from which my cup is filled…
Is you, my bride

Three years now He’s supplied
Your loveliness to grace my side
If today He would separate
By Death or war or prison gate
Gratitude I’d still send His way
Thanking Him for every day
I saw your face or touched your skin
Or felt your hair or knew within…
That you loved me.
-JBL 5-24-11

This poem was written for my wife Valerie on the third anniversary of our marriage. Valerie is so much more wonderful than any poem, and I hesitate every time I begin to write a poem about her, knowing that it will fall short, but she, like our master, is always pleased by our efforts.
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