A Dead Girl…? ! Poem by nada hassib

A Dead Girl…? !

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Oh young night,
under the stars she'd often sit and gaze,
filled her eyes with sad tears,

sitting waiting for hope
she'd often see his in her dream awaiting her love and joy
so that night,
it happened and his love had returned,

by the wish to the gods of the forbidden beyond,
she'd wish for one more night
so the light was once turned on again for one last night,
to this request she'd make a promise of losing the rest of her years
so she held her bride like never before and whispered profound words, love and joy filling her eyes and so did hope

after the night
of the two, the price was paid and they were took away for good and its sad to hear how young love her died, to know that alone a shattered girl cried
but memories are ours to keep and to live them again in our sleep

Ajmacia Mcqueen 08 November 2009

This is a very beautiful poem

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Nada Hassib 07 November 2009

ohh, , yes patrick this how i feel now: ( thank you sweety

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Patrick A. Martin 07 November 2009

This is a very sad piece and sounds like she as close to your heart...10

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nada hassib

nada hassib

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