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My tears fall as my eyes looks at the pictures of you
My heart quivers everytime my mouth speakes your name
My fingers feel abandoned as they miss your skin
My skin feels cold as they miss your warm touch

You were the remedy to my pain and sorrow
your words of wisdom made my painfull days a little easier.
You released your compassion for me with no hesitation caring about the littlest things about me.
The Impact of your love scared me as I never indured this type of care as this. I was helpless from your love.

The city is quiet all I can hear is the wind walking past me softly
It's dark but the lights from the building that surrounds me shines as if was a christmas tree.
My thoughts seem to come to me as I walk through this quiet city
The leaves remind of the season as they fall so softly.

I never gave you my love,
My heart wouldn't let me share something that is lost.

Loning for my commitment,

The heartache you've caused brings nightmares to my life
Questions rummaging through my mind of why you can't see the pain you've impacted upon me.
You walk around blind from the truth of your mistakes
Immoral to the meaning of what your responsible for

I feel ashamed as Im carrying the mistake I made so carelessly
How do I explain the burdon that haunts me so to the people that love me so?
Depths of my denial that this will go away is deeper than it seems
hoping it never happened but it did.

Walking through this world alone
Dreaming of something or some one to call her own
filled with lost hope and dispair
feeling of this world not being fair

Feilds filled with these beautiful flowers dancing with the wind
The sun shining on me as Im smiling within
I sit here only thinking about you
wishing there was more I would of knew

A gentle soul is what you have
Thats what made me fall in love with you.
Compassionate person, Always thought with your heart.
Your a star that shine so bright, Even in the drakest hour.

I look around and I see a city of struggle
Beautiful brown faces stifled from poverty,
Working hard to be rewarded little.
People trying to find ways to make it through,

She was broken from the pain
Crying from the bruises
Scared of her own happiness, Terrified of how to get to it
She received kiss of affection, to verify his love

I've been mad for so long from the mistakes you seem to not notice
Crying for you to see how your words can cut deeper than a knife
Your so blind, when you think you see everything is so clear
LOVE is not in your vocabulary & it's such a shame

Promise my love will always be yours
My heart locked in a box, Waiting for your love to help it beat again
You hold all the cards, You hold the key
Waiting in this tower isolated from this world

What are you thinking, What are you feeling?
Are you safe, Are you in danger?
Are you hiding, Or did someone steal you away?

My pain is my drug
its my reason to cry, its my reason to be in the shadows of my shame
caught up in a world of misery and lies
The truth is on the inside but still I hear words of deception

I listened as you wisphered sweet words in my ear making my body warm every time you was near
Touching my neck as you glanced at my eyes, Looking at me with red the color of love every time you wanted a peck of a kiss.
Day by day you make me feel as high as you wanted my soul to feel
L.O.V.E is what you tricked my heart to believe that we shared.


The girl with a smile on her face
But worries wondering in her mind

The Girl with a joke ready for you to hear

Time that we spend together are more tougher to bare more and more as the the days come. Our verbal actions are more crude as the topic becomes more hasty.
I feel that the love has an absence but I can't figure where to?
Thoughts swondering my brain as I pace back and fourth, Im trying to solve our problems as many ways as I can. Still no solution.
I hold back tears as I'm looking at the face that usually smiles as me so tenderly, but now looks at me with such coldness.

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-My name is Ajmacia McQueen born and raised in Boston, Mass. Im 16 years old and attending High School and doing well for myself. I've been writing since 8th grade, I din't use my writing as an outlet as much I do now but I love poetry. Poetry is a big part of my life now than ever being in high school isn't easy and I use poetry to express about the darkest things I'm too shy to speak about verbaly. I have alot of material and will be sharing alot of them. Show some love and read please! ! Thank You, God Bless)

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Such A Love.

My tears fall as my eyes looks at the pictures of you
My heart quivers everytime my mouth speakes your name
My fingers feel abandoned as they miss your skin
My skin feels cold as they miss your warm touch
My mind feels lost as it misses the thoughts of you
...But most of all my lips miss the passionate, Time stopping, joyful giving kisses that I shared so often. My lips lone for you as they miss the love that sparked Every time our lips met. I think of you as the day come and my heart is at ease. Even though we won't share those memorable moments, I will always be grateful for sharing a love like this, with a love like you.

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Ajmacia Mcqueen 20 November 2009

I want to thank all the people who has read my poems and giving my their opinions on my poems and thoughtful comments. Thanks alot and I appreciate it. God Bless! !

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