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A Definite Maybe

Rating: 4.9

Making a decision is a responsibility
A choice that may be recorded in infamy
There is a fear of being judged badly
A safe response is, 'well… maybe.'

Following precedence would be reassuring
Caught in a free fall could be death defying
Leading the way and saying yea or nay
Makes knees quiver; 'maybe, ' is what you say

'Maybe' gives an allowance for the capability
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Jason Z 22 January 2008

This one really makes you think about your decision making. It shows the power a few words. Thank you

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Constance K Yost 26 July 2011

This says so much....as always I enjoy all your work. Constance Yost

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Constance K Yost 02 October 2010

Hello, your poem is fun and clever and so true. I have just read about 10 more and like all very much. Smiles! CY

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Mamta Agarwal 09 January 2009

quite an intelligent write. a decision is a responsibility, but when in doubt its best to be non committal, and wrigle out if things don't work out. interesting and honest. enjoyed it thanks Theresa.10 Mamta

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This really puts the power of decision into perspective, a responsibility, a choice. I enjoyed this finding it quite nice indeed. L&T

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Broken Peaces 22 January 2008

Maybe you just about got it right good stuff poetess 10 Chris x

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