A Doctor-Poet's Tribute To A Doctor Doyen Poem by Dr John Celes

A Doctor-Poet's Tribute To A Doctor Doyen

Padma Laureate Dr. Prof. Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, The VII Vice-Chancellor of The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University

Not all are born to lead others;
Hard toil and pluck scores o'er neighbours;
Money and luck aid some brothers,
But God appoints the right leaders!

With silver spoon in mouth came one,
To change the world for good, alone!
Like dad's heart, so was son's, golden!
He set to complete job half-done!

An expert in the Ortho field,
He read a lot but would not yield;
He got in life power to wield;
Bones crooked, broken, he had healed!

He'd chosen bones to specialize!
Tumours of bones did well entice;
He made implants for limbs, so nice,
Assuring movements, till one dies!

His love to serve brethren was great;
Discipline stayed ‘first love' till date;
To him, a scientist, ‘all wasn't fate! '
One's foes were pride, ego and hate!

God raised him up in special ways;
In labour sheer, he spent his days;
He wore a smile upon his face,
And shot to limelight like an ace!

All Doctors must be duty-bound;
Ethics was always his back-ground;
His surgery caught most dumb-found;
‘From hill, he grew to be a mound! '

He was a student competent;
He had a mind intelligent;
He was teacher excellent
-University's propellent!

He gave his mite with all his might;
For righteousness' sake, he would fight;
He had a dream and good foresight;
He shone like beacon of bright light!

A scholar in his profession,
His healing work became passion;
An innovator with fashion,
Accomplishing despite ration!

He created the first bone bank;
To him, work mattered, not degrees;
He got his Padma Laureate;
He had a clear vision/mission.

He aimed to raise learning standards,
and maintain it at par with world's;
Paradigm shift of syllabus,
To make a doctor of mettle!

Some dates were commemorated;
A lot of changes had come on;
The website wears a newer look;
New courses have been introduced.

The campus has been changed a lot;
It stands now face-lifted, a plot!
A new esteem, the place has got,
Without any traces of rot!

Old syllabii were pruned, improved;
New methodologies followed;
Teachers would be evaluated;
Moderation marks were lowered!

All students' minds must have all ken;
One's mind can't do what it knows not;
As doctors deal with human lives,
They ought to learn things fully well.

There are no things that one can't do;
There are some things that all must do;
If there's a will, great feats you do;
Find ways to do good things though few!

Degrees don't make a man wholesome!
'Tis men who make titles hon'ble;
In life, we must improve the world
and leave it better for those left!

The VC changed a lot of things,
But changes good, for everyone;
Old systems must be much revamped;
Good traditions must be preserved!

He used his wisdom in his deeds;
He found ways to meet doctors' needs;
He deftly pulled out many weeds;
He dreams of world with better seeds!

His three-year tenure has now ceased;
Most problems of the place have eased;
He strived to leave world less diseased;
His heart, mind, soul are well appeased!

May his eyesight grow never dim!
May life give bliss and not turn grim!
May this vessel flow o'er its brim!
May God, who blessed his works, bless him!

These verses are fondly dedicated
To our Belov'd Vice-Chancellor
of The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University,
On behalf of the Medical fraternity.
Written by Dr.A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,
The Dean and Prof. of Medicine,
IRT PMC, Perundurai, Erode, T.N. India

Copyright by Dr John Celes 8-12-2012

only a few men are born and become great!
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