A Dog Named Hercule Poem by Nancy Chambers

A Dog Named Hercule

Rating: 5.0

There was a dog named Hercule
He lived in a cage and was treated cruel
Although he was trained to protect
He became a police academy reject
Now he lives with people he loves
And is pampered and treated with kid gloves
He roams and plays and is well fed
He even sleeps in a big soft bed
To be a house pet he was meant
The vet says “He is magnificent”
He has big yard and friends galore
He’ll never want for anything more

Chinedu Dike 05 March 2019

Beautiful rendition that resonates with literary conviction and artistic brilliance. A lovely poem. Thanks for sharing my friend.

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Ken E Hall 22 January 2009

Such a lulvi poem of man's best friend, Nancy for you to come up with this you must love dogs-- such a story that is played out so often-I have a poodle called BeauJangles who is soooo spoild and, stands in front of the fridge and barks for his dinner kind regards

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Emily Oldham 27 October 2008

amusing. thanks, keep writing Athena *** words will change the world ***

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DELETED NOW 15 June 2008

such a spoiled dog, that hercule.

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Subbaraman N V 15 June 2008

It will prove to be a great friend, I am sure!

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