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One fine day
In the month of May
For a thrill
Decided to climb up Blueberry Hill

My Career

How can I describe my Real Estate career?
Abandon all hope ye who enter here!

What a beautiful sunny day!
I want to fly away and play
There’s a butterfly that looks just like me
Copying my every move, exactly

There was a dog named Hercule
He lived in a cage and was treated cruel
Although he was trained to protect
He became a police academy reject

A gray squirrel is what?
A rat like rodents
With the fondness for the nut!
We view rats with utter distain

Forecast: Winter Storm
Shovel handy, boots by door,
Let It Snow, Snow, Snow

One summer’s night, on the way home
Tired and sleepy our thoughts did roam
It was purely by chance
We got to witness a Firefly Dance

When I was in Junior High
A term for Middle School in a time gone by
My Mother bought me a briefcase of pink
Although I loved it, I was worried what others would think


Now I am alone
The love of my life is gone
All I do is cry

Start the morning, leisurely
Wondering what bird will visit me
While I am having my cup of coffee
Which winged friend will feed

1st Black President
Barack Hussein Obama
History is made

Pineys like to revel
In stories of the Jersey Devil
Fiction or reality?
Or just a genetic abnormality?


Lord Let me die
You took the apple of my eye
Lord Let me die
All I can do is cry

Tired of crying at bedtime
Tired of crying when I wake up
Where is God?
Why doesn't He comfort me"

I live in darkness
My world is black
There is NO light
I want my husband back

William F Buckley Jr died on Wednesday
With his quietus many conservative ideas passed away
The world was sad to see him go
Late in life of him I came to know.

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Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1967 Retired 3/31/2020 but always liked poetry so in my 'golden years' I am writing poetry. My poems are not deep or philosophical; they are about very mundane things that bring joy to my life and maybe you'll enjoy them too. I also take photos and many of my poems are inspired by them.)

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Autumn is Fall
In Autumn leaves fall
Fall, Fall, Fall
Till it isn’t Fall, at all

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Nancy Chambers Popularity

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