A Dream In Disgrace Poem by Leloudia Migdali

A Dream In Disgrace

A Dream in Disgrace

It is a dream in disgrace
Of the snaking evil
To believe that ending glorious lands
Hurling people into the abyss of poverty and struggle
Freedom for all ruthlessly will bangle.

It is a dream in disgrace
Of the handful strayed souls
To imagine that depriving homes of bread and dignity
Feeding vile fantasies with human pain
The ruling of the world will obtain.

It is a dream in disgrace
Of the few dark- eyed vultures
To challenge heavens that guards the right
Blinding the sun, disrespecting the divine
Justice on Earth will cruelly undermine.

It is a dream in disgrace
Of the shadowy dragons
To cripple hopes for everyone's share to happiness
Feasting it all in their own time of lavish
Cold and dark imbalance among people will establish.

Because soon the missing shared power
Of the people hammered to the ground
Will find a way innocent preys get united
Against all breeds of injustice
Till equal rights for each and everyone are vividly bright.

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: injustice
Dimitrios Galanis 13 April 2016

Although it is difficult to compose a poem on a matter under engagement as it demands the project for inequality you managed, dear Leloudia, to draw the lines of a sensitive and persuasive poetical scenery.Kudos

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Leloudia Migdali 13 April 2016

Thank you! Yes, writing under engagement is really demanding.

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