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Flowers can get in your heart and mind
Flowers, both innocent and fine

If you love me, no ocean will keep us apart,
mountains or rivers
If you love me, you will find a way to be close to me
Whatever life brings


Tears for sorrow that the past is forever gone
Tears for the unexpected awareness of painful truth
Tears for the lost love that was not cherished
Tears for the lost moments that were not shared

I look for you

I look for you and you are not there
I seek for you and time to share

I see you and me together, forever
Walking barefoot on soft seashores, forever
Holding hands under the moonlight, forever
Listening to the silence of the night, forever

Bright eyes, wide smile,
Lovely ears, beautiful lips,
Smart look,
Who would not like that cook?

If only I could

The night is dark and cold
If only I could share the silence of the night with you

What is this that the thought of you makes me smile, like a child who gets a long desired present?
What is this that makes me twist your name over and over again in my head, whirling me among the clouds?
What is this that makes me speak to myself like a mystified believer in ecstasy?
What is this that has taken away my serenity in my sleep?

What is it?
Is it the sweet warm nightfall redolent with fragrant flowers
that shadow the soul in an intoxicating veil or
the bitter cold of a winter dusk

Cries of pain, bodies scattered
Blood runs cold, eyes hurt to see
Innocent people running away shattered
A nightmare no one could foresee

Like a magic spell it takes you afar
Beyond infinite insight horizons
Or arcane depths underneath the Earth
It mercilessly besieges your mind

What is it?

That keeps you bright for the morning light.

A Dream in Disgrace

It is a dream in disgrace
Of the snaking evil

I see refugees keep coming in the harbour of Piraeus,
People persecuted, forced violently away from their homeland
People in thousands who involuntary
Had to give up all their belongings and flee. Why?



Words come so easy when you address the right one
Words that hop straight into the heart and join the mind

You will always be alone
Every small wave whispers
As it softly kisses the shore

A daughter is a mother's most precious gem
Attended with great care and pride
As time ravages through their lives
The gem becomes even more precious for the aging mother

It is an illusion
A projection of your own weakness
To expect others
Appreciate you

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Flowers can get in your heart and mind
Flowers, both innocent and fine
Flowers make your day seem bright
Flowers glowing in the middle of the night
Flowers with you night and day
Flowers, the best in every way
Flowers, so sweet, so pure
Flowers, with delicate allure.
Who could not live without Flowers?

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Dimitrios Galanis 12 January 2016

Aγαπητή μου, βλέπω είσαι σε επαφή με τον Φαμπρίτσιο.Νομίζω θα χαρεί πολύ να σε ακούσει να του επιβεβαιώνεις πόσο ωραία ακούγονται τα ποιήματά του στα ελληνικά των μεταφράσεών μου.Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για την ανταπόκρισή σου που προϋποθέτω.

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Fabrizio Frosini 03 August 2015

I had read 'University of Thessaloniki' così ho pensato che tu abitassi a Salonicco.. then I've seen Fokis.. dunque abiti nella Focide, non a Salonicco.. The beautiful Greece, culla dell'Europa.. proprio quella che ora vi impone vergognosamente la sua 'tirannide'.. Un caro saluto, Leloudia

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