A Dream Pang Poem by Robert Frost

A Dream Pang

Rating: 3.0

I had withdrawn in forest, and my song
Was swallowed up in leaves that blew alway;
And to the forest edge you came one day
(This was my dream) and looked and pondered long,
But did not enter, though the wish was strong:
You shook your pensive head as who should say,
‘I dare not—too far in his footsteps stray—
He must seek me would he undo the wrong.

Not far, but near, I stood and saw it all
Behind low boughs the trees let down outside;
And the sweet pang it cost me not to call
And tell you that I saw does still abide.
But ’tis not true that thus I dwelt aloof,
For the wood wakes, and you are here for proof.

Anne Bradstreet 23 March 2007

Robert Frost is dead, dead you hear me. Why are you talking to him? Only great poets such as myself can come back from the dead and make comments on poemhunter. And he wouldn't appreciate you talking about his poem like that you pervert.

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Ruby Root 10 July 2006

Wow, You are so creative and emotional when write. This is an excellent poem. You are so very talented and it a pleasure to read your poetry.

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Mark Arvizu 21 January 2015

Please join me.........................

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Nicole Reeves 01 September 2014

I love this poem, one of my favorites by Frost

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Dawn Fuzan 27 April 2014

This us really good

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Brian Jani 26 April 2014

Awesome I like this poem, check mine out

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* Sunprincess * 25 October 2012

wow enjoyed this one..kind of a strange dream ..suppose it came from wishing to be alone.. :)

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