A Dreamer's Wild Imagination Poem by Gil Gregorio

A Dreamer's Wild Imagination

Rating: 2.9

It was as if a quick withdraw:
A nice fitting, a nice candle glow,
Lighted up a way in darkness shines
Foretold no beginning, nor sparkled lines.

It was as if a quick withdraw:
A bad setting, a subtle candle glow,
Wound up a wind in stormy climes
Danced no signalling, nor wiggled ensigns!

It was as if a quick stroke I ever knew:
Like lines of marching stags cling no view,
Subtlety cracked each nerve on chandelier’s eyes
How beauty’ve drawn a rared blown spice.

It was as if a hundred miles away:
A simple wish, a dream in one lighted view,
I’ve walked alone in stormy weather casts
All I found is me climbing a mountain last.

I’ve swam a beating of waters’ wonder road,
A mile or two is far-reaching struggle, cramps a load
Twitched in pain, gasping a last breathe anew
Hold no lines, immersing up and down in water’s flow.

But stilled as a wind surfing a high frenzied walk
One who’s been amazing, clinging a father’s talk;
I’ve woke up refreshed from a dirty water’s slay
Now I live anew, a life of fullness, great and happy!

Ashraful Musaddeq 18 October 2008

My 10 for this nice composition with beautiful imagery.

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