Niken Kusuma Wardani

A Dull Tiny-Statue - Poem by Niken Kusuma Wardani

I was a dull tiny-statue linger in the dusty rack
Seize my lonely track in pitch dark corner
Yearning for a crack to bring light into sight
Enchanted by deafening laughter sound outside
The wonderful play performed in my lucid dream
To met a knight in his bright mask
Offer me a new life full of sparkle
The entire of universe will be my grace
Though a blink away, the rust welcome me
The smell of the damp future choking me
Slowly I fall to sleep paving my eternity

Just one day when I greet my day to the air
I see hope with feathers dropp in
He just a rusty plain harmless-robot
Claim to live longer than the sun but anonymous
No decent name or weapon he deserved
Yet he’s living in full acknowledge of wonder
Invite me to play and regard a bruise as a reward
That day I learn to plant a heart in my head
To understand the language and learn the truth
About how this world getting rich by going old
When every happiness add but we feel even less

Every cling from his feet made the silver mark
Which enlighten the days to find the path of nights
The days rolling in its lovely new track
There we go, off from the rusty home
Pursue the butterfly to the sky
Till we blinded by the sight of a perfect kite
Then we landed in green valley, running endlessly
And he step off, holding down the gaze
To a small colorful figure he called dream
It was just a silly living-shape for me
But indeed it amusing his true-being

The next step he diminished, disowned me
Wish me to find the perfect charm to unbind my mind
He held it tight to his heart and defends it right
I standing numb hold the nerve to abide
Alone and nowhere as a scattered cloud
Longing to be found and being in a safe bound
Drifting far from my existence as a dumb
Cursing all the brilliant time which is not mine
The wonderful scene surround is killing me
How I wish to be back in the old dusty rack
To beheld and belong as me; a dull tiny-statue

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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