Niken Kusuma Wardani

A Letter That I Can'T Send - Poem by Niken Kusuma Wardani

(Anyway I hope You read it)

How should i pronounce it?
With passion or a wish of luck
Pretty dumb and numb the times creep
Seems like everything turn out right
But then it went left and other direction too
Perhaps you are sensible
Telling me that all my theory are crap
Like a creature, those theory are not perfect
It was selfish, bias, lack of sense and inexplicable
Containing heavy substances of innuendoes
But then, What can you offer me?
Aside from my inability of planting the platonic love
I'm sorry that i sound so naif
I've always believe that we are equal; Having an austere life
What would you think of i am now?
A queer dressed in hallowen-outfit?
Or a companion in a pretty shape?
At least i tend to believe that you're not doing charity to my words
Coz i mean every bit but i can't buy yr interpretation (my bad)
This more than just a wishing-well wrapped in sweet hope
I'm willing to remove this fake-outfit as well as cut this foster-role
How can ppl cope the sight of an angel dragging a bloody sword
Even yr gracious lady can't straighten her thought
I'd like to keep you as a moon in my night
You don't need to shine that bright, not even try to gain yr own light
I would only look up to you and feel gratitude through yr attendance
Distance but steady, i wish you last longer than the North Star
Hell no, the Sun refused to share even just the ray of light when it comes to me
So blithely rush, i change my sky
Grey or Rainbow is a not an option now
I still have some star, glittering faintly without you
How i wish... But every wish is just a selfish note to God
Well, you have your most light shared fairly now
Missing yr single rival couldn't be that bad
Just try to compromise yr survival instinct as it gradually melt
Don't be careless as memory could possesed yr will
Perhaps oneday we cross each other path by mistake
untill then i remain; your boo

Dedicated to Calm

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poem Edited: Friday, December 2, 2011

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