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A Field Of Confusion - Poem by Bailey Schatte

Jake awoke in an open field with the love of his life, Alora, by his side and stretched his arms as he woke her up to tell her it was time to go. Standing he dusts her off and takes her hand in his and began their journey through what they thought was a normal field.
In the distance they saw a deserted swing hanging from an outstretched branch. Alora took off giggling and filled with joy as Jake followed close behind with a smile from true happiness the girl brings him. Once they reached the swing she sat down as Jake pushed her softly back and forth. A few seconds past and Alora turned to look at him and tell him that she would like to get off and continue walking. Jake helped her off the swing and took her hand as they continued to walk. A few steps went by and then their vision began to blur and then they found themselves in a living room; hearing laughter coming from the other room two little kids come running around the corner and jump on the couch. Soon after two adults that seem very familiar come around the corner and join the two kids on the couch, and as a family they watched T.V. Alora's and Jake's vision blurred again and they were back in the field where they started.
Alora looked at Jake lost and confused and then he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. When Jake let her go they continued to walk through the field with their thoughts now fogged, and soon she became woozy and fainted but Jake caught her and fell, fell right through the ground and on to the couch back in the living room. This time the two adults were on another couch and they looked a lot older. When Alora finally came to she noticed a banner hanging from the ceiling saying "Happy 60TH Anniversary" and then as everything started to click with what had happened to the kids and adults Jake and Alora find themselves back in the field. Now really confused the girl fell to her knees and began to cry; Jake knelled next to her and told her everything was going to be ok and they will get through what seemed like a dream that turned into a nightmare. Alora then looked up at Jake and kissed him on the cheek and Jake wiped the tears from her face; she said that she wanted to lie down and rest for a little bit so he lied next to her and they soon drifted off in the dream realm.
When they woke up they found themselves not in a living room but in a church room with people sitting in the rows dressed in all black. In the front of the room were two caskets that lied open to show the faces of the two adults they had seen the past two times. In between the two caskets stood a poster that read "We are gathered here today for the tragic loss of two true loves that through sickness and health stayed together, through rain and shine stayed together, and through thick and thin stayed together. There was nothing that could tear apart this happy married couple; they will now be together, not physically but spiritually, and forever shall they be happy now that their souls are set free. They both will be missed dearly, goodbye Jake and Alora."

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