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A Fight Scene

A Fight Scene

To invite, I replied
-jumped in car for long ride
- (to help them do as asked:
- "Deliver the pizza! ")

Saw me as the Che of Argentine
-who meant to go for ride.

Exactly as he did;
-encountered many things
-that made me change my mind!

I leave him to be judged
-by others, not by me
- (a hero, a devil, or maybe…)

I stick to my own story.

Came snow with storm,
-I saw how nature won.

I enjoyed observing
-the great fighting scene
-of man and his engine
-with snow when landing;
- (My lovely, loveliest,
-of friends, forever…)

The wipers on windshields
-moved as told: "Fast, clean! "
-Pleasure was seeing
-the nature while winning
-over man; doomed, failing.

Traffic, traffic, traffic
-vehicles were in line.
-Of no use, changed the lights
-to amber, green, red!
-Powerless they were as
-is lifeless corpse on waves
-drowned, dead; like cork, hay!

Accidents of all kinds
-some minor, bumper touch
-some heavy, severe…

No police could arrive
-nor did the ambulance, fire truck.

Scenes made me form many
-poems scripts and; in my mind,
-since could not note them down.

On and off climbed down
-passengers, drivers…
-They looked like the crows bundled up!
-In their hands held cleaning brush
- (partly short, partly long,)
-to sweep the rear, sides, and front…

I enjoyed laughing at "Civilised"
- (The man who makes fun of
- "Savages", "Squaws! ")

The savage befriended the nature,
-to live in harmony,
-or to fight disasters
- (all of which, you see as
-the "Big Bang's Children! ")

The savage lived for long
-had farms and animals
-in igloos and tepees
-and the caves that he dug…

Then you came with your gun
-and cement and asphalt
-to make us bees in hives…

I looked and studied the faces
-of pizza deliverer, purchasers
-and modern, unable drivers
-skid, fall in ditches, get stuck…
-Truly "Cultured is Culture-less! "

Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Cultured Poems: 350 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: observation