Lyfe At A Standstill Poem by Malik Crockett

Lyfe At A Standstill

I just want to hear you smile
it's been a while
I hope you’re doing better, and you're really living now.

I miss you true
I couldn't know what to do
because my time being isn’t as good when it's minus you

I knew it to
you doing you
I should be doing the same, but how can we have a US without you

you move to finer things
a bigger dream
Gucci, finny, and Prada, all those designer things

oh a promise ring?
The promise thing,
but are you having the fun you had that occurs only in pleasant dreams

our reality
this is fatality
no yet brutality
how can you leave me with this cavity?

its hacking me
the walls only backing me
because your no longer on my side
and when it started as just me

but leave after that
and just forget me back
I guess I’m the past
and you just left it all at that

you was my Mack and east
the crack in me
I hate to say I’m doing better
you just New York traffic me

what that mean?

I don’t really know
with-you, life was like a tried mill
so where could I go?

You just kept me slow
I couldn't go
but without you
the illness had to let me go

Ruth Walters 15 July 2009

This sounds more like rap than a poem but you get your feelings down so well that I can empathise with you all the way through. Love hurts doesn't it and we all get hurt sometimes. That's the way we mature and learn I suppose. Ruthy: -)

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