Youngin Poem by Malik Crockett


As from you to me
I’m a youngin
trying to find myself through this pessimistic course, just like you
but yet I'm a youngin
My youth is nothing but my god bless truth of life
I'm a youngin
you would think three years older is not to many
but she have been through three more years of experience
three more years of the motion that begins with an 'E'
and she has three more years of life.
As we sing, rap her soul to each other
you know “How beautiful love can be'
as we have a duo with 'In the middle'.
She is a musical note that I want to play
over and over again in my CD player
just to catch the melody and
due stuff like this.
The greatest song that plays her life
through her spoken word, heart, song, and from her arm.
You know I thought about it, maybe your too old for me
but I rather take the time to find out.
As she 'fantasize' her spoken heart from the pen & the pad
which makes me smile & people can see right through me
as if I was glass.
My heart and brain is walking in another's body
but it gets deeper than that her poetmatic words
becomes my mind and soul.
As those whom chose the youngin within me
as her necklace will be soon tatted on me
but it says Poetry aka PYT
but yet after these spoken words
I'm still a 'Youngin'

Otteri Selvakumar 18 July 2009

nice put of... words...

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Ruth Walters 15 July 2009

Another winner! I particularly liked 'She is a musical note that I want to play over and over again in my CD player' What a great way of expressing this feeling ....well done Ruthy

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Fefe Alhameed 15 July 2009

youngin it is..... make a poem about life i want to hear it with your own words... this one is very nice..thnx alot..

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