A First Review Poem by Robert Graves

A First Review

Rating: 2.8

Love, Fear and Hate and Childish Toys
Are here discreetly blent;
Admire, you ladies, read, you boys,
My Country Sentiment.

But Kate says, 'Cut that anger and fear,
True love's the stuff we need!
With laughing children and the running deer
That makes a book indeed.'

Then Tom, a hard and bloody chap,
Though much beloved by me,
'Robert, have done with nursery pap,
Write like a man,' says he.

Hate and Fear are not wanted here,
Nor Toys nor Country Lovers,
Everything they took from my new poem book
But the flyleaf and the covers.

Savita Tyagi 10 September 2017

Beautiful poem. World is a strange mixture of values. Mesmerizing, like this poems expressions!

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Yorak Hunt 06 July 2018

totally agree bbs

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Jeffry 28 November 2018

Very inspirational poem :)

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Lebrun Jeff 28 November 2018

Such a true hearted poem

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lllll 05 November 2018

he was a good man nnnnnnnnnnnn

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Yorak Hunt 06 July 2018

insperational poetry well done ;)

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Ben Dover 06 July 2018

Good powerful poem it really hit me

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