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He had a poet's heart
When he melted with pain at the sight of a wounded bird
Like an ice cube melting in summer's heat
The helpless eyes of grieving bird's mate

Sometime I wish I had a piano
In a long list of wishes may be another addition
Or if my pen was a piano key
On lazy afternoons of summer

Loved to write as far back as memory goes
Without any thought for a verse to compose

Poetic expressions of innate creativity

Night is stygian sans of stars
Dark mood shares kinship
With black sky of new moon
Moon's jubilant child I am shedding

Words are like flowers.
Each one gives its own fragrance,
And imparts its own beauty.

Endowed with knowledge we
Acquire the power of a counselor.

Cultivating equanimity we

Sitting under the Banyan tree I watch the water hitting its raised roots
Restless and agitated as a disturbed mind.
It's effervescence matching my own state of mind.
On the sun baked land the Banyan tree stands alone in silent meditation.

I dream of climbing the mountains
Yet avoid the uphill battle of
Neighborhood streets!

A friend wrote a Chinese proverb,
Said 'she strongly believes in it.'

"An invisible thread connects those

When searching for solutions,
Intellect can be as great an obstacle
As our emotional being,
If it prefers to construct its own truth

In languid surroundings
A sense of disconnect takes over
I sit in aimless complacency
Time floats away in blue sky.

Beautiful is the moon, just before
The night of full moon. Specially if
One can watch it late at night or
Early morning in the western sky.

Thanks for beautiful blue skies
Thanks for fragrant air silently filling the garden
Thanks for colorful fall leaves
Swirling and dancing through air even in their demise

It is not enough to have our own identity.
Our individuality is just one layer, a small brick
In a multilayered cosmic structure.
We are part of a bigger world,

A small butterfly
Hovers upon Jasmine,
As white and delicate as
It's petals.

Morning snow
Serene, silent and joyous,
Falling with a slant
Like silvery strings of wire

Fall evening turns in to night.
As the darkness descends
It stares at me through blinds.
I leave the blinds open to touch it back.

To know thyself through aesthetic
Turn every act into an augury,
Only then you can see
‘The world in a grain of sand,

Dawn! splash your colors upon my heart.
Let your aspirations engrave in my words.

Morning breeze! breath life in my despair

An affable desire rising from deeps of my heart
To search for a point where you and I can meet
A segue from rift to harmony
A soft touch, a moment of peace

Savita Tyagi Biography

I was born and raised in India. After my marriage I came to U.S. It wasn't until my children grew up that I turned back to my love of reading and writing again. This time medium was a foreign language- English. Though I mostly write in English I still love to read Hindi and also our ancient Sanskrit poetry. To this day this ancient as well as new age poetry draws me with same passion. This fusion and enrichment some time reflects in whatever little I have been able to write and share with you. I am very thankful to everybody who has taken time to read my poems. Without your support I couldn't have done it. A big thank you to all who encouraged me to keep writing with their wonderful comments. I also have a blog 'When Thoughts Get Wings.' I have two self-published collection of poems. Back Yard Poetry and Sitting On The Wellhead. Besides that my poems have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines. Few notable names: South Asian Poetry Review- in cooperation with University of Pittsburgh, Cuckoo In Crisis- in cooperation with IIT Roorkee, India. I have contributed many poems to an literary organization 'Poets Around The World' created by Fabrizio Frosini. Most of my poems are on PH for poetry lovers to enjoy.)

The Best Poem Of Savita Tyagi

A Poet's Heart

He had a poet's heart
When he melted with pain at the sight of a wounded bird
Like an ice cube melting in summer's heat
The helpless eyes of grieving bird's mate
Turned his heart's cries into verses of poetry
This famous story is an inspiration
For poets around the world

On rainy days a poet's imagination streams and floats
Like a little paper boat in gushing rainwater
It giggles and laughs with little children
Playing in rainwater
It captures the adventures of a raindrop
Falling in puddles of city streets
Floating through winding alleys
And walkways to settle in creek bed

A poet's eyes notice the forehead of young women
Working in rice paddies
And sees the sweat shimmer like dew drops
To offers cool relief to their sun burnt faces
The flame of life burning in their soul
Registers in his song

In winter his voice slips and slides on the frozen lake
And dances with the moon light beams

Spring brings a blossoming to his heart
Like a bee he goes from flower to flower
Seeking the meaning of life in their tender love
His songs are carried away on the wings of humming bird
He renders his life for the sake of love
Like a moth falling on the burning candle wick

Limitless are the imaginations of a poet's heart
And vivid are sketches unveiling the mystery of this world

This poet's heart hidden in all
Goes unnoticed unexplored
Shrouded in vague thoughts
Like running water under ice
When we relish and rejoice
In life around us
And learn to recreate it in our words
The veil lifts off

If I could catch the flicker of a thought
Dancing in my head
That would touch the heart
Mine as well as yours
And is as inspiring and revealing of my world
As the golden rays of dawn
Longing to pen it on paper
I too knock on poet's world.

Savita Tyagi Comments

Akhtar Jawad 25 September 2014

Savita Tyagi is poetess whose thinking reaches at the places that are long distant and path of the place is an stony one, but she never stopped her journey, she walked forward and she is still walking forward.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 September 2018

Note: On behalf of all poets and family in PH along with the following acrostic poem a title is offered to Poetess Savita Tyagi as, Poetic Lotus (काव्य कमल) . Form today on-wards she will be known as Poetic Lotus Savita Tyagi. In Hindi she will be known as काव्य कमल सविता त्यागी.

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Mahtab Bangalee 03 March 2019

Textures of her writings carry her talentless Year after year writings spread her greatness As an annotator of ancient writing she is well skilled Gentleness expressions of her detain my mind field In and out side of my heart bows to her excellence

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Mahtab Bangalee 03 March 2019

SAVITA TYAGI, one of the true respected poetess of this literary site. I want to tribute the below writings to her greatness- Soul she is in the world’s poetic stream Accuracy brings her to the depth heart of reader Various wisdom make her poetic queen Indian she is by born heart though abroad dweller Tuberoses are blooming in her poetic line Adherent reader can smell these very fine

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 June 2019

Savita Tyagi Is a wonderful poetess And a kind hearted person She writes with Sharp poetic acumen In simple and lucid manner Her poem entitled 'A poet's heart' Is a piece of sparkling diamond And an invaluable contribution To the poets' community

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Flower Prince 08 April 2020

Savita Tyagi is a very nice and kind poetess and she writes very motivational poems which I love very much. She can beautifully capture the flicker in silence. She can wisely capture the April moon's beauty. Her way of expression gives us wonderful essence. I love her poems very much.

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Budhashaya Behera 10 February 2020

Savita Tyagi is a peaceful name and she is wonderful poetess with very kind heart and motivational power. I love reading her high quality of works. I am very much pleased that she has power of good review. I love the way she represents her thought. She is a great gracious poetess of international recognition by the grace of God. I salute her from my heart! Hare Krishna!

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Bharati Nayak 25 December 2019

Savita Tyagi is a great versatile poetess of India, now settled in America.Apart from being a poetess of great height she is a wonderful person with kind heart and humane feelings.She encourages new writers with her brilliant reviews.I am so lucky to have known her through Poem Hunter and cherish her fiendship. Wish you Madam a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2020.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 October 2019

Savita Tyagi is a GREAT INDIAN-AMERICAN poetess of this age who has gained international fame for her beautiful poetic art works. She is very gentle and helpful lady with great dignity. She has deep power of motivation that we notice from her lovely poems. We love to read her poems again and again.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 June 2019

I am a great fan Of her poetry I pray for her good health With happy poetry writing In days ahead!

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Savita Tyagi Quotes

Love walks away from the troubled heart.

In competition all run yet only one winner In cooperation all walk hand in hand For a collective win.

The sweetest berry plucked from the vine covered with thorns, reveals endurance.

A road carries many secrets to explore, infinity resides in its bosom to adore.

Secret of success lies in one's ability to collect the scattered energies, and channel them singularly towards one focused goal.

Emotions are to a poet what sky is to birds, of depth and vastness to venture and explore in limitless mental flights.

Religion is irrelevant if it isn't part of social fabric. Spirituality is irrelevant if it is not conscious of unifying principle of Universe. God is irrelevant if we can't feel its influence upon our life.

Fate can bless you by default or curse you by default if it chooses so.

None can see the heaven, who has not passed through hell.

One powerful voice may influence many to create a million followers but none can hold an individual voice hostage or block his own calling to search and find its own way.

A little thorn that hurts so much, often comes from your own bush.

The abscess of sorrow must be dissolved first to seek joy.

When heart is at peace, all is beautiful.

The worst thing one can do is live one life, And dream of another life without making any efforts To change the present life.

Religion starts with Unknown, travels towards Unknown and finds it in Known. Science starts with Known, travels towards Unknown, remains stuck in Known to search for the Unknown.

If pain could be a balm for wounded life, poetry's jar is filled with it.

Poetry is a Way to declutter your mind And free the splint soul.

Unanimity creates duality, Duality gives birth to war, War is the father of whole Universe.

Love is to adults what SantaClause is to children. It's magic never fades away.

Be watchful of the word that resonate within you. Those words have power to transform your personality.

Life is a bucket with a hole at the bottom.It always looks so full at the top while we deposit our share of little drops in it.

Memories are becoming almost visible yet non-visible part of our lives! Non visible ever present influencers!

Relationships are like elastic Lots of pressure it can take but Bound to break if stretched too far. Honor its soft and tender nature.

Communication is a skill always With a room for improvement. If one says that's the way I am! One is living in stagnated waters!

'Each moment dissolved in past takes rebirth in our memories'.

Instead of destroying the past associations Death renews it all.

Be I am though in love with Being.

Arrogance of mankind is that it possesses a drop of ocean but calls its possession the Ocean.

When fear becomes guiding factor, courage and rationality take off.

Get your own House in order before guiding others.

Pure innocence is love's best abode.

Motherhood is soul's tender expression 'Cause her love is ordained by Nature.

"Recognizing and utilizing strength and innate traits of one's personality is the best thing an individual can do."

Nothing lasts forever but a pleasure of 'little while' renews reading a beautiful poem again.

One who believes in force of Love is never alone.

Mother Nature is ruthless in destroying what She creates. Humans are two steps ahead of her.

Adore the Nonexistence It has given you Existence.

The only thing predictable about life is that it is unpredictable, The only truth about life is that eventually all becomes false.

If too many people are taking on poetry, have they become more contemplative or more lonely, I wonder!

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Savita Tyagi Popularity

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