A Free Soul Poem by Partha Pratim Goswami

A Free Soul

Rating: 4.8

A free soul-
Buried deep in mirth
Surmounts all the woe

And dreams infinite
To mend the wound
That squirts over mind
And poisons its frame.

A free soul-
Delirious with queries
Of authentic facts

And anxious about the world
Wanders beyond measure
Through mountains and valleys
And sails in the heart
Of the great sea;
To seek for a pearl
Of knowledge and wisdom.

A free soul-
Enriched with grief
Accumulated over the ages

Through laxity and exploitation
Of some cruel authority
Banished from all morality,
Quashes the former
Agitating with great revolution.

A free soul-
Builds and burns
With its immense power

And reforms the land
Sticking to its vision
Of cure, courage and unison,
At the turn of the tide
Smiting the ruin of all evil.

A Free Soul
Saturday, August 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: rebel
phanja 30 October 2018


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Alisha Castle 26 November 2016

good work bro. keep it up.

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Ajay Kumar Adarsh 26 August 2016

awesome poem....10+++............. thanks for sharing with us.......

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Gandalf The Grey 06 August 2016

A free soul is bold enough to rebel, to fight till the last drop of blood is shed.A bold and touching poem Partha, carry it on

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thank you

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Kelly Kurt 06 August 2016

A free soul, unencumbered by the status quo is what we should all be. Thank you, Partha

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Welcome sir, I hope you will provide constructive advice for my future entries too

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