A Game Of Football Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi

A Game Of Football

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It is the first game of the football season
At most colleges and universities across the land.
Dedicated and loyal fans will enter the stadium
Thinking of a successful season beforehand.

Alumni and friends will tailgate before the game
Preparing food on their char-coal grills,
While the band assembles on an adjacent lot,
Anxious to enter the stadium to perform musical skills.

The visiting team dares to pose itself
In the stadium's path to all.
Prepared to tolerate the booing and jeering
As they enter the field to play football.

The field is fringed with supportive fans,
And loyalty and spirit are everywhere.
A quietude of anxious moments,
And confidence in the home team is in the air.

The band enters and struts on to the field,
Cheerleaders perform their acrobatic skills,
Alumni sit together in proximity to the gridiron
Reminiscing their collegiate days of glory and thrills.

Teams rush on to the grass covered turf
Amidst the roar of an enthusiastic crowd.
The visiting team clad in their school colors,
The home team in theirs and ever so proud.

The teams may be called Sun Devils or Wildcats,
But it makes no difference to the ardent fan.
They expect their favorite team to win,
And parade through the streets with streamers in hand.

Sometimes - defeat for the home team is inevitable.
The errors are many - the score high.
Imagine - the stadium's calming hush
As thoughts of a losing season passes by.

Greenwolfe 1962 19 July 2008

Well, I recommend it because it does have some nice rhymes and the rhythm comes and goes but mostly stays for the game to the end. GW62

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