Winter Wonderland Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi

Winter Wonderland

Rating: 3.9

There are strange and mysterious sounds
When the winds of winter blow,
The long nights are crystal clear and cold,
And the fields and meadows are covered with snow.
The stars are frosty against the sky,
And the wind's whistle is shrill,
As the snow blows against the house
And drifts against the hill.
Yet, I like to see during the winter
A white carpet on the ground,
To plod aimlessly in the deep snow,
where deer tracks abound.
I like to feel the stillness
Of a crisp winter's night,
Watching a full moon rise over the horizon,
Exposing a winter wonderland beautiful and bright.

Unicorn poop 20 December 2017

Hi people I really enjoyed this poem

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unicorn poop 20 December 2017

Hi people I really enjoyed this poem

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Ging Taping 23 September 2014

Wow! What a great winter wonderland...

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S_Mq?? 19 March 2018

Ngl da poem was pennng bruv I’m gassin Ily das da dankest winter poem.

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Mrs Rosemary London 31 December 2005

I really like this poem reading it as our snow is melting outside-pity!

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Joseph T. Renaldi

Joseph T. Renaldi

Frackville, Pennsylvania
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