Tony Adah

A Gecko On The Wall - Poem by Tony Adah

A gecko moved on the wall
Its tender body
Like a frail prem -baby in an incubator
My newly bought Chinese electric bulb
Glowing and showing
Its blood slithering
Through green-bluish veins
In its glazed fragile body.

It crawl through an unyielding wall
Looking direct
Left and right
In an amazing trickery
To my watching son
I can guess what question
Is bothering his mind-
How frailty has strenght
To climb a mighty wall!
And what he finds
Useful on the walls.

A buzzing mosquito
Alight on the wall
And the gecko
Charging like a ram
Forward and backward
Pounced on man's enemy.

Sometimes my son wonders
Why he entangles himself
In the cobwebs the spider spins
Oftentimes I withhold the explanation
Until my son realises
The gameful webs
Have an assortment of arthropods
And this is where
He farms every night.

Again he moves
Closer to the electric lamp
Turning his attention to fireflies.
He devours them
Behaving as if the meal is bland
With more strenght
Than he uses to climb.

When his sticky tongue
Quietly arrest a termite
His wide mouth
Is stuffed with their Wings
My son bends to pick
Some dropping wings.

He showed me translucent
Severed wings and tells
Me that the gecko
Has some Wings
Until an injured termite
Escape the wide mouth of the raging gecko
Falling down and losing one wing in the fight.

I pointed at it
To my frightened son
Who saw to it
That the gecko after all
Is in for a survival fight.
He turned to me
And asked how do the geckos
Eat when mommy cleans our room?

Topic(s) of this poem: Nature

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