Tony Adah Poems

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A Lost Dream

I was at night asleep
On my creaking bed
And a sack of dreams
Tore upon my head.

The Veterinarian.

The veterinarian
Is the only doctor that
Eats his patients
He devours chicken breast

My New Year Resolutions

A day after the first day
Of the new year I am caught
Violating my new year resolutions
In my sleep the dream is thick

Gun Is Not The Only Weapon Of War.

Gun is not the
Only weapon of war
Starve them
Close the airport where

The Drums Of War.

The sound of war
Is the sound of death
War ruins the world and war ruins man
The ambience of creativity

The Truth

I have volunteered
To be a witness to the truth
And nothing but the truth
But the truth sours


I wonder why
The neighbourhood
Dogs yowled at the middle
Of the thick night

Early Morning

From the hills of the east
the sun unmasked the dusk
Through the window the tree stood still
waiting for the wind

Self Reliance

I want to tell
The whole world
That I am thirsty
And I don't just want water

The Crests And Troughs Of Life

A window lingers in the galaxy
There man leaks and comes
A birth so great to bear
And so happy to beget.

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