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I was at night asleep
On my creaking bed
And a sack of dreams
Tore upon my head.

The veterinarian
Is the only doctor that
Eats his patients
He devours chicken breast

A day after the first day
Of the new year I am caught
Violating my new year resolutions
In my sleep the dream is thick

Gun is not the
Only weapon of war
Starve them
Close the airport where

The sound of war
Is the sound of death
War ruins the world and war ruins man
The ambience of creativity

I have volunteered
To be a witness to the truth
And nothing but the truth
But the truth sours

I wonder why
The neighbourhood
Dogs yowled at the middle
Of the thick night

From the hills of the east
the sun unmasked the dusk
Through the window the tree stood still
waiting for the wind

I want to tell
The whole world
That I am thirsty
And I don't just want water

A window lingers in the galaxy
There man leaks and comes
A birth so great to bear
And so happy to beget.

No one knew the colour of Adam
Or that of his wife, Eve
Twosome forerunners of the world

We swotted at night
Read the pages of our books
With the dim blaze of candlelight
To find our feet on this part of the earth

My eyes overflow with tears
And I am weeping bitterly
Night and day
Not that I have lost a dear one

That day all their grips
Will loosen
And that which they claim
The world will take

I do not know what is new
About the year
The trees remain dusty
And yellow like the setting sun

The winter breeze blew
And the cold air threw its stream
Of chilled mist upon our shoulders
And rang in our ears

The cat is sitting
On a mat
Suddenly it senses
Some movemeant and

A soldier's morale was killed
Just like his enemy by the dearth of munitions and food
His mettle had gone
The only motivation left in the war stricken soldier

The shadow of the wind
Passed by the empty plastic bottle
Lonely as it stood on a short wall
It fell down noisily in the quietude

I am walking up the road
And seeing all the variegated bushes
With dews cooling my feet
I am in love with its colours

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A Lost Dream

I was at night asleep
On my creaking bed
And a sack of dreams
Tore upon my head.

I cuddled them and
At the crack of the dawn
I remembered but one
And when I took it in my hands
It jumped and flew away
Into the valley and the hills
Where a rainbow germinates
And blooms like a rising summer sun.

As close as I thought I could touch the rainbow
It fizzled away and I lost him
As I lost my dream
Where is this dream?
That gave me a red herring
At death's door that I stood knocking
So that I give him his humble pie
For the prognosis of falsehood
Now that I am alive and cheerful
To tell the dream.

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Hassan hegazy 26 August 2021

Egypt In Egypt I saw some great arts A huge papyrus of poems Called the pyramids

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Hassan hegazy 26 August 2021

this is the poem i have chosen

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Hassan hegazy 26 August 2021

I find here a poem about Egypt, i need it to be put in my new book about the poets who wrote about Egypt and The Nile, first i want your permission to take the poem of yours then tell me about your self.. your C.V .

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Ashalee 12 February 2018

Hey, I’m using your poem for a school project and need to have general information.

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Adesoro Segun 17 April 2015

This kind of poetry is what I call PROSE-POETRY. They are extremely Wow! May God continually bless your pen.

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We live in heaven here on earth and gravity of our sins is an inverse proportion to our happiness.

If God created us here on earth and the earth is not the only planet, he must have created other beings in other planets science is yet to see.

Those who rely on war to settle issues have spent their intellect.

My country mistakes civil rule for democracy, politics in democracy is about people, it is not about individuals. The leaders (not statesmen) behave like hunters, they kill and share.

As a microbiologist, little things matter to me as they matter to the world because they build up to big issues.

Truth's short limbs linger in a journey but the giants strides of falsehood are brief.

The more we are acquainted with history the more we violet its lessons.

Those who come with noise like a storm may not as destructive be like it.

When you feast a village, the village can finish all the food and drinks but when the village feast you, you borrow stomachs.

A nation found without the travails and sweat of nationhood will be a cheap nation and a heap of cards.

True friendship is not perfect, the real art of friendship is when friends decide to overlook each other's foibles and the friendship blossoms.

I have procured real external happiness and what I can't get to buy is real internal happiness.

Women don't charm men in love but infatuation does with its hook in the man's heart.

The history of the world is replete with good and odd experiences but tomorrow is full of mistakes.

If we can kill rumour, if we can kill gossip, if we can kill fear, strife and war will naturally be buried.

A chest of munitions is wealth waiting for war.

Nations are not rich by the amount of money in their vaults but by the character of their citizens.

The dearth in old age is strength In youth, wisdom But the earth is the equality Measure for all men.

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