My New Year Resolutions Poem by Tony Adah

My New Year Resolutions

Rating: 3.9

A day after the first day
Of the new year I am caught
Violating my new year resolutions
In my sleep the dream is thick
And I'm afraid I got it all wrong
I can't believe it
It seems all that I resolved
Not to have been compromised
And they have broken upon my head
Same old fragile habits
Broken at birth!

Friday, January 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: character
Terry Craddock 30 December 2015

'A day after the first day Of the new year I am caught Violating my new year resolutions' had a friend do this after every New Year for Years, memories, nice lines

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Ramesh T A 30 December 2015

Take fresh resolution to allow regeneration! Days, weeks and months have gone; Now another year also is going out; They are all part of Time starting From seconds to minutes to hours! Likewise many years of our life We all have spent in this world And have seen so many things Growing, deteriorating and dying! Destroying trees, natural resources And all things helping life to go on We are making our common abode too meet with its extinction one day! Regeneration is common in Nature; Let us all allow Nature to regenerate!

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Clarence Prince 30 December 2015

Many others suffering similar habits, of breaking New Year's resolution! Thanks for sharing, happy New Year to you!

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Ramesh T A 30 December 2015

Best Resolution! Everyone's attention is on Nature now! 2004 Tsunami, harbour wave incidence Everyone remembers on 26th December! Then 2011 Thane storm no one can forget; Storms raging over oceans have attacked Indian Southern coasts along Bay of Bengal! All those natural disasters had happened At the end of December and whenever year Comes to an end we all talk about that....! This cloud bursting rains have lashed All places of South-East India very much Due to climatic changes happening now! Pollution leading to global warming is the cause Behind Climate Change that needs to be stopped!

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Rajesh Thankappan 02 January 2015

My New year resolution is not to take any resolution since my resolutions too fall apart like a pack of cards. Loved it.

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A B Faniki 07 October 2019

A lovely and insightful poem. I enjoyed and love the flow of words. Great write

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Howard Savage 07 February 2016

This is a great poem with strong metaphors. Keep writing. The New year is here.

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Bernard Snyder 30 December 2015

You summed it up nicely Tony. Great job

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Birgitta Abimbola Heikka 30 December 2015

Enjoyed reading your poem written simply about broken resolutions which more than not we all beak. Simple and beautiful.

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Kim Barney 30 December 2015

So many of us have a hard time keeping our New Year's resolutions, that many of us don't bother making them anymore. Happy New Year to everyone!

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