Christopher Cariad

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A Generation Lost - Poem by Christopher Cariad

Look at you idiots.
Praying to a god that doesn’t exist.
Your prayers of greed will go unanswered
and you will forever be
like a camel trying to go through
that proverbial needle.
You’ll never be able to find,
the heavens through your earthly desires.
You think consumerism is okay?
I guess that’s why Jesus was fine in the market.
No, Jesus saw His people starving,
and those consumerists sucking them dry.
So He rioted in the streets and freed
His people from such oppression.
Now you use His name to throw
the poor in the streets,
and starve the kids with no food to eat.
How dare you call yourselves Christian?
When Christ would cast you into the pits of hell.
No wonder these other faiths,
look at this religion called Christianity,
and shake their heads and turn away.
Why would any human
want to be faithful to such
a God that allows those to
blaspheme His very name and His presence?
Then present devils work as something holy?
Do you really think we’re that stupid
as to not see past your wall of smoke and mirrors?
We are an educated nation after all.
Smart enough to know better,
and wise enough to not allow it to happen again.
HA, Yeah Right!
We are but a nation of fools.
Allowing the criminals to walk free,
and the rich to continue their pursuit,
to be kings to their most willing slaves,
in the streets bellow.
Working for little pay till our fingers
have been whittled away.
A flock of sheep we are.
Following the leader, without opening
a book or our eyes to see.
I find it funny this path we are taking.
Allowing an Anti-Christ to run our
country because he presents himself
as the truth, the way, and the light.
Sadly enough,
even he stays true to the many teaching of Christ.
Why wouldn’t a wolf disguise himself
and fool the public?
After all what would that really
achieve when unmasked in the end?
But that won’t happen for a very long time.
We’re too busy rioting in the streets,
because we’re so united.
Fighting the system, oh yeah that’s what we’re doing!
I highly doubt you even know,
what you’re asking for!
You riot because someone offended you,
or isn’t following what you believe in.
Gee, I thought that’s why we founded
this amazingly Great nation to begin with.
To have the right to be and do as we choose.
This king will guide you to be his Loyalist of subjects.
Promising you the world,
and slaughtering his unbelievers.
Playing god to us all.
Oh why couldn’t you see this sooner?
Why did you have to blaspheme,
the God that wants to give you life.
All of it for your greed…
It’s a shame to see all of these souls,
die to a lie.

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