A Girl With Blue Eyes So Deep Poem by K J

A Girl With Blue Eyes So Deep

Rating: 5.0

Blue eyed girl with hidden passion in the night
Silent tears that call from her heart within
Come to me now love, it will all be alright
Falling in love is never really a sin

Rest within these loving arms of mine
Let each stroke of my hand on your hair tell you I care
Free your heart from those memories that cage your mind
Realize now that my love will always be there

Let that smile be for only me alone
Give me a moment and Ill give you a lifetime more
Accept from me the little things of love that you need to be shown
Realize that loving you is what I am here for

Beautiful blue eyed girl do not site alone tonight
Let the night be a orchestration of romance
Give me the time to do what I feel is right
All I ask is to give love a final chance

Precious blue eyed girl who melts me with your smile
Accept for once the truths that I want to make you see
And let me try to love you for just a little while
And prove to you that you belong with me

Monday, May 27, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Zahra Shariat 27 March 2014

Nice Romantic Poem, I enjoyed it, thanks

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Melancholic Words 07 March 2014

wonderful, i'm in love with your work, i mean, those words were able to project, with perfect clearness the perspective of the eternal love, the vampiric love

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