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Ages have gone by
roaming as I have always done
yet nothing is the same
time changes

Blue eyed girl with hidden passion in the night
Silent tears that call from her heart within
Come to me now love, it will all be alright
Falling in love is never really a sin

The memories embracing me, you see
as beautiful as they might be
they're tearing me apart
my already weak heart

Left alone in the thickening dark
Upon my body lies softly your mark
Above my head is the dimmest of lights
Trapped in a well for uncountable nights

A vampire's life cold and dark. A vampire's life a lonely existence.

My life is a hollow grave dead ground. The moon kisses while the sun stings and burns.

Ode To The Vampire Mother

O dea tenebris
mater immortalibus

I want to walk the other side
Have others taste the tears I've cried
This need in me will not subside
So to the dark I run and hide

Excuse me; I didn’t know how to start
Sometimes I get lost…… thinking of words or lies to tell you

Lies go on top of lies

T'is the time again
For eons I have waited
Waited for the power of the blood red moon
For only under the red moon shall I bestow my gift

In my darkness
There is warmth within the black layers
If it is your destiny to walk beside me
You will get to know the darkness

A star so special and loving sparkles for me
Singing out in such beauty
The words of that of a sweet tune
A powerful soul and a understanding of emotions

Oh Darling, my sweetheart,
This heart is crazy for you alone,
Wherever you go,
It only follows you,

Come, dear, take my hand
come on, let's dance
like the snowflakes
flying to whereever the wind us takes

My heart is aching, I can only think of you
Try to get lost in my shadows
But your light still shines through

Blood beckons me....
I can taste it from the very air you breathe
I can hear it beating along your neck...
Softly I mesmerize you with my appearance...

Tomorrow is always a new day
So cross your hands and pray
To god, chance or the devil
For the mysteries to unravel

cold and dark,
fear and hate,
everyone's gone,
it's too late

Farewell to you my love,
I can't longer give you my heart,
I kept my love for a long time,
Waiting for you to come back.

All I needed was a friend,
who really understand
What I’ve been through,
and could relate to

My blood turns ice cold
Thinking upon the past
Contemplating on what
You yourself have done

The Best Poem Of K J

Ages Go By

Ages have gone by
roaming as I have always done
yet nothing is the same
time changes
yet I remain
a frail man
alone to walk this shallow earth
broken and cast out from the womb
feeding on innocence and decay
on a night like tonight
I lose all humanity and hope
as my prey, does neither
but welt in my arms
man and beast am I
and vengeance is my thirst
a blood rush for the ages gone by
never quenched or made right
so for ever more I roam
the broken man
ages go by........................

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Ellaunie 26 October 2020

This is awsome! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Elvashira Silvertongue 04 December 2015

i came across your poems after months of being off of here and i must say you have true talent poet dracula. and i would like to thank you for sharing.

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