Under The Red Moon Poem by K J

Under The Red Moon

Rating: 5.0

T'is the time again
For eons I have waited
Waited for the power of the blood red moon
For only under the red moon shall I bestow my gift
The gift of immortality upon another
I will be akin to God on that night
I will create another being just like me
Another childe, another kin of mine.

T'is the day of reckoning again
The day of the blood red moon
My eyes twinkle with pleasure and ecstasy
I shall make a new childe today.

Under the red moon I prowl
Hunting for the suitable candidate
My clothes dark and evil against the red back dropp of the blood moon
My skin pale and shining
Like a silent death I crouch and approach
Encroach upon the dwellings of man
My search has brought me here
My senses guided me to this place
My dark eyes wander the land
Looking for the one worthy of my gift
For the one who shall be mine forever.

My eyes chance upon her
Walking enticingly under the red moon
She gives off an aura of energy
That hath me fixated to the spot
As my mind processes what I see
I lick my lips in anticipation
For my senses tell me that she is the one
My new childe, my new kinn
My new mate, she will be my new immortal.

I walk towards her swiftly and silently
From behind I approach
She turns and is mesmerized by my handsome appearance
As I turn on my charm and she smiles back at me
I draw closer, she feels no fear
This was the final test, fearlessness the answer
Now I am sure she is the one.

I reach out to her with my arms
She is drawn towards me
As our lips meet, she gasps in joy
Slowly my lips trace to her neck
Where the jugular doth pumps
My fangs are ready to do their duty
As I pierce her skin gently
She screams in ecstasy, holding onto me tighter
I suck out all her blood and nearly leave her dry
She goes into stupor an ecstatic one at that
While she swoons and falls at my feet
Devoid of all life and blood
I smile and bite my lips, then I bite my wrist.

Under the glow of the red moon
My blood glistens dark red
Shining like a ruby held against the backdropp of the red moon
As I hold my wrist to her lips
Whilst I chant in an ancient tongue
Words which are rarely spoken by my kind
In a language known only to me and my kind
Other than Him and his angels
She hungrily draws my blood and falls into deep slumber
Satiated both in mind and body, she lays still.

Under the red moon, I scoop her into my arms
Carry her gently and fly into the blood red sky
I carry her to my castle, high atop the mountains
My castle shines red, under the glow from the red moon
I lay her upon my bed and kiss her gentle lips
She smiles and yet she still sleeps.

As the night prolongs
She awakens, my childe born under the red moon
Not a whimper she made
Nor any remorse she felt
Only a smile upon her sensuous lips doth shone bright
When I looked upon her
I saw the love in the childe's eyes,
I called her my dark angel,
Fallen but never forsaken.

She licks her lips and looks to me
She is hungry and is ready for her first kill
Unversed as she is in that skill
She looks upon me with devotion to learn
I carry her down, back to the dwellings of man
While I teach her the art of seduction and hunting
We select our target and stalk him to a lonely place
She glides towards him silently and slowly
He is moved by her beauty
Charmed by her presence
Mesmerized by her smile
She strikes in one swift movement, biting hard and sucking deep
To satiate her hunger for the silken fluid
And hence she is born my childe, my kin, my new mate
Under the red moon she was born,
Now she comes unto me
As she kisses me deeply and passionately
Maybe for eternity we will be together
My mate and me
Sealed with a kiss under the red moon.

Buried Alive 03 July 2011

a masterpiece! and well worth the wait. ..........Under the Red Moon, the Count brings us to the doorstep of eternity, the vampire's ultimate quest for an immortal mate. ..........And by the glow of the 'blood Red Moon', he captures the horror and ecstasy of the hunt, taking us on a terror ride of bloodlust and passion in a flawless composition of poetic detail painting images with every line. Never leave the house at night! and always wear your cross! Count Dracula lives eternal ............UNDER THE RED MOON! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Shadow Girl 03 July 2011

great imagery, great flow enjoyed - SG

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